About Us

Welcome to Rizz Lines, the internet’s leading destination for funny, clever, cheesy, and cute pick up lines. Our mission is simple – to provide the largest collection of pick up lines/ rizz lines on the web to help you find the perfect icebreakers for sparking connections.

Founded in 2023 by Ethan Jackson, Rizz Lines was created out of a frustration with superficial dating advice online. Ethan made it his mission to offer real, practical tips for succeeding in dating and relationships.

After extensive research and consulting experts in psychology, communication, and relationships, Ethan cracked the code to mastering charm, wit, and attraction. He then assembled a team of dating strategists, relationship coaches, and communication specialists to transform these insights into engaging content for our readers.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide you with the insights, strategies, and guide you need to succeed in rizz lines. We’re here to help you unleash your inner charm and wit because we understand the importance of genuine connections in your life.

Our Team

Ethan Jackson


Ethan, Co-Founder of Rizz Lines, is a popular dating guru from Austin, Texas. He has a sociology degree and many years of experience.

Ethan is known for helping young men gain confidence and learn useful dating skills. These practical tips help them succeed in modern dating.

Ethan’s articles give a fresh view on relationships. He shares realistic advice, stories, and insights into the male perspective.

His friendly writing makes him a top source for men wanting better dating lives. Ethan helps guys connect truly with women they like.

His expertise has been in many well-known publications. Ethan guides men towards healthy relationships in the real world.



Rebecca is a caring and wise dating expert. Though in her 20s, she guides youth through modern romance’s ups and downs from real experience.

At Rizzlines.net, Rebecca supports readers to build trust, have compassion, and stay strong in relationships. She knows love takes work but judges no one.

Rebecca gives a safe space to figure out even tricky situations. Her advice helps you grow by focusing on self-awareness and bringing out the best in yourself and partners.

She encourages tuning into emotional needs instead of playing games. Rebecca writes in a warm, funny style. She sees both the excitement and challenges of dating as chances to grow.

Her practical views help you embrace each moment with empathy and hope. Rebecca believes in second chances and speaks to the fighter in us all.

With humor and heart, she lights the way. Rebecca helps reveal your own inner light to connect deeply with others.