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Rebecca is a one-of-a-kind dating coach. With humor and heart, she guides youth through the twists and turns of modern romance. Though only in her 20s, Rebecca speaks from hard-won wisdom and lived experience. At, she empowers readers with tips on building trust, showing compassion, and boosting resilience. Rebecca keeps it real—she knows relationships require work. But she provides a judgment-free space to unpack even the stickiest situations. Her advice uplifts by focusing on self-awareness and bringing out the best in yourself and partners. She encourages tuning into emotional needs instead of playing games. Rebecca writes in a warm, relatable style full of wit. She celebrates both the thrills and challenges of dating as opportunities for growth. Her grounded perspectives put the focus on embracing each moment with empathy and hope. Rebecca believes in second chances and speaks to the fighter in all of us. With humor and humanity, she lights the way.