124+ Surinamese Rizz and Pick Up Lines

Spice up your flirt game with Surinamese Rizz Lines! Get ready to impress that special someone with these unique and enticing lines from Suriname. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, hilarious, or bold, we’ve got you covered. Dive into the colorful world of Surinamese dating culture and make your move with confidence. Let’s turn up the charm, it’s time to win hearts Surinamese style!

Funny Surinamese Rizz Lines

  • Yu mus boin na son, bika yu lusu mi hatti
  • Yu e go lobi man na tey tey?
  • Yu e fiti lekie switi konki
  • A no mi abi kon na yu, ma yu abi kon na mi futu
  • Yu e koti mi libi leki mango
  • Tye-ti-yi, yu e meki mi firi betre
  • Mi e meki krasi sani na yu skin, fu yu e kon lobi mi?
  • Dyosma, mi e verlangi gi yu
  • Yu e meki mi firi leki sole
  • Tan na mi sei, mi no e go boi yu
  • A no tye-ti-yi, mi wan tron yu mi kaw
  • Yu e kon na mi na yu eigi…
  • Mi lobi yu leki mi lobi kasaba
  • Yu e puru mi libi leki masra puru tiki
  • Yu e meki mi firi tranga leki kasiri
  • Yu de na mi buriki, afo meki mi lobi yu?
  • Nanga bigi lobi mi e tyar yu na mi skin
  • Tan nanga mi, yu e gi mi switi-love
  • A no so yu e go go, yu e go gwe nanga mi?
  • Yu e meki mi firi leki pata
  • Yu e fiti leki mama san kon doro
  • A no mi wawan pina fu yu, ma mi wawan wani
  • Mi e kon hati gi yu, bika mi lobi yu
  • Mi e puru yu na mi futu, bika mi e lobi yu
  • Nu weki yu, yu e meki mi firi ala, aleisi
  • Yu e seti mi skin on faya, ma a no faya mi wani
  • A no mi fowru kaba, ma a no mi fowru mi e ferteri yu
  • A no mi e frede yu, ma mi e frede syi yu
  • Yu e meki mi firi leki korsu na winkri
  • Mi e poti yu na mi ede leki a krobi poti koso na ede
  • A no mi e brik yu, ma mi wawan wani brik nanga yu
  • Yu e meki mi firi leki a son fu kon singi
  • Tan nanga mi na ini a butu, mi no e go lusu yu
  • A no mi wawan faya gi yu, ma mi wawan de dan kon
  • Yu e meki mi firi tranga leki a dyari fu libisma
  • Mi e trowe a wangi fu mi na yu ede
  • Nu yu sabi taki yu de mi kasing-kasing?
  • Mi e tyari yu na mi ede leki mi tyari mi libi na mi brik
  • Yu e meki mi firi leki a bon fu konfo
  • Tan nanga mi, mi sa meki yu waka na watra
  • A no mi wawan krosi gi yu, ma mi wawan wani krosi nanga yu
  • Yu e fiti leki tiki san e lusu na pikin poti
  • Yu de na mi anu, afo yu de na mi-ede?
  • Mi e firi switi-love gi yu
  • A no so mi e lon yu, mi e lon yu fu lobi
  • Yu e meki mi firi leki a plantripu fu lobi
  • Mi sa gi yu a switi-love san yu e go na ini mi ede
  • Tan nanga mi, yu e gi mi a bigi-lolo fu lobi
  • Yu no e lobi ala sma, ma mi lobi yu
  • Yu meki mi firi leki a dyari fu moi
  • A no na mi wawan e kon hati gi yu, ma mi wawan wani hati gi yu
  • Tan nanga mi, mi e pusu yu na mi-ede fu meki yu firi switi
  • A no mi e go tjari yu, ma mi wawan wani tjari yu

50 Cheesy Surinamese Rizz Lines:

  • 1. Yu na switi, dat mi na bibi pe opo.
  • 2. Mi lobi yu moro leki mi lobi Roti Kip.
  • 3. Yu e tek’ mi lobi, ma yu no gi mi bruku.
  • 4. Yu e tan na busi, mi e tan na yu heri dei.
  • 5. Yu meki mi lobi e krakti leki dresi na saka.
  • 6. Mi lobi yu so te mi de na joe sei.
  • 7. Yu na a bonbon fu mi pikinso.
  • 8. Yu e fiti na mi skin lek a wan banati.
  • 9. Yu e kisi mi koro koti leki nasi met kip.
  • 10. Yu e tapu mi heri libi leki a switi sani na tori.
  • 11. Yu e flaka na mi brede, ma mi no e fruku.
  • 12. Yu na a doti fu mi ai, na yu mi prani.
  • 13. Yu e meki mi kisi klamoi leki a konsensi na mi sani.
  • 14. Yu e puru mi lipi leki a kowru wani.
  • 15. Yu e meki mi lobi e dyaso dyaso leki a watrapikin fu mi.
  • 16. Yu e go na mi bert leki a winti e go na sabana.
  • 17. Yu e soso mi di yu si mi na den trowe.
  • 18. Yu e fringi mi lobi leki bana e fringi japjap.
  • 19. Yu e kon na mi lobi leki a fruku kon na pondo.
  • 20. Yu e eksi mi dyaso dyaso leki a sasi e eksi a skowtu.
  • 21. Yu e kon na mi leki a switi lobi kon na ini mi libi.
  • 22. Yu e broko mi koro leki a ati e broko a kai.
  • 23. Yu na mi bigi fesi lek a baka fesi fu barakade.
  • 24. Yu e leri mi wan nanga yu lobi leki a leri fu wan pikin nanga en mama.
  • 25. Yu e gi mi wan sani nanga yu lobi leki a fesiman gi wan sani nanga en begi.
  • 26. Yu e gi mi wan kisi leki a konde gi a sturu.
  • 27. Yu e tranga mi lobi leki a dyadya e tranga a kuku.
  • 28. Yu e kon mi lobi leki a sweti e kon fu den bonbon.
  • 29. Yu e kisi mi ai leki a man panya nanga en fosi pikinso.
  • 30. Yu e kisi mi na mi switi spotu leki a katima kisi den mofokoroni.
  • 31. Yu e kori mi lobi leki a mangre e kori a watra.
  • 32. Yu na wan theemoti fu mi lobi nanga yu sweti sten.
  • 33. Yu e pori mi hati leki a pumarigo pori a marwina.
  • 34. Yu e pori mi lobi leki switi kawina pori den bruku.
  • 35. Yu na a bigi lobi fu mi, mi no man srefi fu taki.
  • 36. Yu e lontu mi lobi lek a lusu e lontu a langalanga.
  • 37. Yu tru tru na a priti fu mi libi.
  • 38. Yu e koti mi lobi leki a kaisowatra koti den pikinso.
  • 39. Yu e solliciti mi lobi leki a man solliciti wan wroko.
  • 40. Yu e brenki mi koro leki a faja brenki a spier.
  • 41. Yu e go na mi brede leki a sneki e go na en prayasi.
  • 42. Yu na a lobi fu mi libi, mi e hori yu na mi prani.
  • 43. Yu e tru mi lobi leki a sari e tru mi heri sei.
  • 44. Yu e meki mi fadon gi yu leki a libisma fadon gi a fasi.
  • 45. Yu e bribi na mi foforogi leki a wongo e bribi a kopro.
  • 46. Yu e span a sribi fu mi brada leki a sneisi e span a broko.
  • 47. Yu e kon na mi fesi leki a son e kon na ini a dei.
  • 48. Yu e gi mi wan sani di mi no kan gi mi srefi.
  • 49. Yu na a bonbon fu mi libi, mi no man srefi fu libi na a bonbon.
  • 50. Yu e meki mi lobi e wroko leki a smoko na tapu a faya.

Hot Surinamese Rizz Lines

Looking for some impressive pick-up lines to use on your Surinamese crush? We’ve got you covered! Check out these hot Surinamese Rizz lines that are sure to make an impression:

  • – Wan bun sroto-ati no sabi kon tron ogri
  • – Yu lobi mi faya fu yu ai?
  • – Yu suku leki mi lobi yu
  • – Mi e kisi wan switi feyanti bika mi lobi yu
  • – Yu e luku bun, ma yu e si bun lespeki
  • – Mi lobi yu moro leki konke, dan mi lobi konke
  • – Yu e suku mi nanga yu ai, ma mi e suku yu nanga mi ati
  • – Yu feti nanga mi, mi wani kon yu winti
  • – Yu lobi mi nanga ala yu skin
  • – Yu e fiti na mi konku, ma yu e fiti na mi ati
  • – Yu e lusu mindri mi ati leki konke na wan liba
  • – Yu e seti mi libi na brasa di no man kba
  • – Yu lobi mi leki ala fasi fu Cach√©
  • – A no moi na wan sabi fu a Sranan Sani
  • – Yu e lusu wan faya fu lobi, ma yu e fini na mi ati
  • – Yu e kon na mi hori leki fa mi hori a busi
  • – Yu e sari mi nanga yu futu, mi e bigin lobi yu nanga mi ati
  • – Mi lobi yu leki a sneki lobi a bos
  • – Yu e bezig mi nanga yu ai, mi e bezig yu nanga mi ati
  • – Yu e kon na mi skin, mi e kon na yu ati
  • – Mi e lusu fu yu leki a wini di no man kba
  • – Yu de wan seyiman di e seti mi libi na faya
  • – Yu e kori mi ati leki fa ma o kori a rei
  • – Yu futu e trang trang leki a lontu fu a kreng
  • – Mi de tranga gi yu, ma yu e tranga mi moro
  • – Yu e meki mi lobi e waka puru mi libi
  • – Yu e drai mi ati leki fa drai na koto
  • – Yu e meki mi weri, ma yu e lusu mi nanga yu ai
  • – Mi lobi yu leki a gudu fu ala sma
  • – Yu e kon na mi libi leki fa a son kon na a bigi sei

About Surinamese

Surinamese refers to the people, culture, and language of Suriname, a small country located on the northeastern coast of South America. Suriname is known for its diverse ethnic makeup, with influences from Indigenous, African, Indian, Chinese, and European cultures. The country’s official language is Dutch, but Sranan Tongo, an English-based Creole language, is widely spoken.

Surinamese people are known for their hospitality, warmth, and love for their cultural heritage. They have a vibrant music and dance scene, with genres like kaseko and kawina being popular. Suriname is also famous for its delicious cuisine, which includes dishes like roti, pom, and saoto soup.

Whether you’re interested in Surinamese culture, planning a trip to Suriname, or looking to impress a Surinamese crush, understanding the unique aspects of Surinamese culture and language can help you connect and make a lasting impression.

Surinamese Pick Up lines

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